About Me

Hi! I'm BluByrdy.

I'm a TG caption creator - I write and edit erotic short stories that depict men turning into women. I've been doing this officially as a side hobby for the last couple years, but I've written in the past for other collaborative writing projects such as The BE Addventure and CYOC under another pseudonym.

The 'Arcade' here is my custom website I use to host my captions, but I started off writing over at DeviantArt. The blog here started off as an alternative place to upload otherwise restricted content that couldn't be uploaded there, but now it's my main stomping ground. The blog comes with a handful of cool features such as a robust tagging system that makes sorting through specific content much easier.

Custom chibi art by @catwillscream via Twitter

I take requests, commissions and any and all constructive feedback, but I prefer to focus on themes such as expanded bodies (as you have probably already noticed). Hopefully you enjoy my stuff, and if you do, you might want to check out the other blogs and friends of the Arcade I've got in my recommended feed on the sidebar 

Thanks for checking out my space! If you like this page or want to support me, I have a Patreon link you can check out in the sidebar, but mostly I just appreciate receiving comments from fans!

Contact Me

Discord: BluByrdy#1081