Paid Commissions Info

[I am currently CLOSED for commissions.]

Commission Basics

My inbox is open to paid commissions for stories and captions. Having written TG Captions as a side hobby on DeviantArt, Literotica and Blogger under the BluByrdy name for over two years, I'm now offering my writing services as a commission writer for erotic fiction. I've written for a handful of patrons so far and I think I'm a decent person to work with.

Please note that for stories and captions, I don't own the rights to any pictures or photos used in the works, so the current pricing is based on the TEXT ONLY.

It's also worth bringing up that my writing schedule, especially for longer writing projects, has been known to be fairly erratic in the past. I only like to write when I know I can provide you with my best work, and this (alongside any other regular commitments from life and my day job) can sometimes lead to work times of a few weeks. If you'd prefer something quicker I'm happy to work with you on that front, but I can't make any promises.

What kind of commissions do you provide?

I'm currently offering captions and written stories as commissioned works, paid by rough word count. I also offer proofreading services for erotic and non-erotic stories.

Subjects that I usually write about include:
  • TG / Transgender Transformation / Gender Bender (Almost exclusively)
  • Incest
  • Large breasts and asses
  • Breast Expansion, Ass Expansion
  • Age progression and age regression
  • Race changes
  • Motherhood, pregnancy and lactation
  • Inanimate Transformations (rarely)
  • Giantess / Shrinking (rarely)
If you want a better idea of what I write about, check out my latest captions here.

If you're requesting a caption, you're paying for the story text only. All art and photography belongs to the original rights holder and is not included as part of any payment.

What kind of themes do you prefer? What's off limits?

My work focuses on erotic TG/Gender Bender stories transformations, so I have the most experience in those areas. I am usually okay with working on anything if you're interested, but if you want the best work out of me, I would keep it focused on the kind of stuff I'm more experienced writing (see above). 

Even if a particular fetish hasn't featured on my site, I'm usually fine writing whatever in conjunction with these themes too (furry, feet, light vore etc.). Although again, anything outside of my usual topics will usually cost extra (on negotiation) and I'm probably not as good at writing for those fetishes, so I would recommend sticking to my main themes.

There are a few areas that I will not write on. These are non-negotiable:
  • Scat/Watersports
  • Underage/Loli (every character I write about participating in sexual acts is assumed to be 18+)
  • Guro/Heavy Physical Violence
  • Rape/Extreme Sexual Violence
  • Stories featuring names/photos of non-consenting real people from your personal life (you would be surprised by how often this happens)
I also maintain the right to say no to any ideas, but I try to be reasonable.

What is your pricing? Do you take VISA/Mastercard/PayPal?

Pricing is negotiable, but currently my rough prices are as follows:

Captions:  $10 USD for  1  caption (~600 words each)
Stories:  $25 USD per ~1500 words [UNAVAILABLE]

This pricing might change based on factors such as previous commission experience, themes, and other factors, but this is usually the price I'll charge. I'm happy to negotiate but this is the standard pricing - writing takes time!

For payment, I am currently only accepting money via DeviantArt's POINTS system. Unfortunately this means that dA takes a 20% cut with every payment, but it allows me and you to maintain our anonymity. Can't budge on this one unless you can recommend another anonymous tipping service that works outside of the US.

I don't take payment upfront and will send you some 'proof' of the work (writing excerpts/blurry images) before requesting payment. At this point you can decide on whether or not you want to purchase the rights to the work to publish wherever you want (which will cost a little extra), or if you just want the story. In the latter case I'll post it to my public pages a few days after you received it privately.

How long will a commission take to complete?

Depending on the length/type of the commission and the amount of time in my personal life, this varies from a day to a couple of weeks. I'll keep you updated throughout the process.

I'm interested. What do I do now?

You can contact me via deviantArt or via my email address ( There's a few things to include:
  • PLEASE DON'T USE THE SUBMISSION FORM! It's a known bug with Blogger and it's sending all submissions into the void. Please email me at or message me on deviantArt.
  • PLEASE REMEMBER to include a valid return address if you make a submission!
  • Desired type (story/caption) and word count. Include specific names or themes if you're interested. I will follow up with you if I need any more information.
  • Any photos or other media for inspiration.
And that's it. I'll get in touch over the next couple days and give you a rough estimate of price and the completion window.

If you have any other questions or inquiries, don't hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below.