TG Caption - Highly Hormonal

My one hundred and sixty-sixth caption.

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  1. Yes Austin's old body was now gone ans Austin had to become the new Marilyn . But some great things came from the swap class. Firstly Marilyn got two beautiful baby girls out of the pregnancy, she got a permanent boyfriend and later husband in Ryder. and they went on to have two more sets of twins and three single babies. the swap company and the school district paid Austin now Marilyn 300 Million dollars to keep quiet about the hole thing. the money gave Ryder the ability to go to college seeing his parent could never afford it, the swap company found the father to the twins as a bonus and he went to jail for underage sex and was never allowed to see his daughters and had to pay child support till they were 18yrs old. But the best thing was Marilyn and Ryder got a very large extended family. Grandmothers: 4 Grandfathers: 3 Austins single mom +1 Ryder's parents Mom's +2 Dad's +2, Marilyn's parents M +1 D +1 plus all the other family and the money. Marilyn and Ryder were happy.


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