TG Caption - Divorced Dad

My five hundred and seventy-third caption.


  1. I love the Role Exchanger! I'm glad to see you used it and you did a great job mixing a bunch of traits. I really hope you make more RE stories moving forward. I am left wondering how much his bitch wife and traitor friend feel about his new life and success. It how funny it would be if his ex and his friend was a huge donor lol.

    1. *How funny it would be if his ex wife found out his former friend, now her lover, were a huge donor*

  2. The re is my favorite theme, trait swaps, and you did a good job. I really you keep using this theme. Title is divorced dad but you don't mention anything about that. No mention of kids. It would work if you just started it from the kids view. "My dad... Xys dad..." That's my one slight critique. I very much look forward to you future use of the infamous re. Good cap.


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